Pricing Analyst

Boston, Massachusetts, United States · Pricing Services


The pricing analyst is responsible for supporting the Pricing team at ProfitWell. The main responsibilities of the Pricing Analyst are:

- Communicating with clients via email and conference call

- Creating summary documents for the purposes of client education

- Creating surveys for the purposes of data collection

- Consolidating and analyzing data collected from surveys in Microsoft Excel

- Developing pricing strategy recommendations based on data analysis

Main Responsibilities

Communication: Strong oral and written communication skills are required for the position of pricing analyst. The pricing analyst is responsible for communicating with client partner teams via email and conference call on a regular basis. In addition to communicating with clients, the pricing analyst is expected to communicate honestly and openly with other members of the client services team in the interest of organizing responsibilities and delegating tasks. Communicating with the Price Intelligently Sales Team will be necessary for the purposes of onboarding new clients into the engagement process.

Data Analysis: The pricing analyst is responsible for developing an experimental design that includes survey creation and distribution. Survey data is collected within a proprietary application and fed through proprietary algorithms to produce raw workable data; the analyst is responsible for organizing and consolidating the raw data into client education documents that explain the pricing study findings and their implications.

Client Support: A primary responsibility of the pricing analyst is to ensure that our clients feel supported in their partnership with ProfitWell. The pricing analyst, as an extension of the Pricing team, is responsible for facilitating an environment where our clients feel supported long after the final deliverable has been given to the client. The pricing analyst is expected to work with the Pricing team in matters of answering client questions and supporting clients through price testing and strategic implementation.





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